Our shared values, One Team, Straight Up, Value You, Go For It and Trail Blazing, are what make us who we are at Frucor.

They guide us in how we work day-to-day, how we work with each other and how we do business. They’re the company’s biggest asset and, like any asset, we need to spend time on maintaining them and ensuring they connect today just as much as they did yesterday.

One TeamStraight UpValue YouGo For ItTrail Blazing

One Team

We step up and play our part
We back each other
We’re hungry to win
Aim high and have fun on the way

We’re united by a common purpose so we support and look out for each other, share our knowledge and challenge ourselves. Pride in what we do and how we do it is important to us. We work hard together and have fun along the way. After all, our work is a big part of our life – so we enjoy it while we step up to play our part.


Straight Up

We say what we mean and do what we say
We voice our ideas and listen to others
We have the courage to speak up
Honesty is our only policy

We’re ourselves. We’re real. We voice our ideas and opinions in an open and constructive way while listening to what others have to say. We’re honest and considerate in our dealings but we’ll ask the questions others avoid. We act with integrity and take responsibility for our actions. We play by the rules.

Value You

We do our best to be our best
We give a damn
We look after each other
Our contribution matters

Frucor is what it is because of our people. We’re all different so we bring different strengths to the table. Recognising a job well done and being fair and consistent is what we’re about. We’re committed to a safe and supportive environment, and always want to be the best we can be.

Go For It

We get stuck in
We make things happen
We ask what it would take
Taking action is the way forward

At Frucor we get stuck in and get results. We’re not afraid to move fast while never losing sight of our high standards. Passion and self-belief help us to achieve our goals. We’re motivated to succeed, so we take action, make things happen and see obstacles as opportunities to grow.

Trial Blazing

We’re bold and brave
We do the unexpected
We make a difference
Smart risks make smart moves

We stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. We innovate and move fast. At Frucor we challenge ourselves to come up with better ways of doing things and always strive for excellence. We take smart risks to pioneer new products and create unique customer experiences. That’s what makes us different.