Voluntary Schools’ Accord

In 2006, we signed a world-first Voluntary Schools’ Accord (VSA) with Coca-Cola NZ and the Ministries of Health and Education to not directly supply sugar-sweetened soft drinks nor energy drinks to any schools in New Zealand and to focus on the supply of healthy beverages.

We’re really proud of this agreement, which, we estimate, has removed more than 50 kilos of sugar from every Kiwi kid who might otherwise have had one can of soft drink a day at school.

In 2017, we updated and strengthened the accord to members of the New Zealand Beverage Council.  We also further committed to:
1. ONLY selling bottled water to primary and intermediate schools in New Zealand*

2. NOT directly sell sugar-sweetened soft drinks nor any energy drinks to secondary schools in New Zealand.

3. WORKING with third party wholesalers to encourage them to adhere to the industry commitment when selling beverages to New Zealand schools.

4. WORKING with Ministries of Education and Health to encourage primary and intermediate schools to work within the New Zealand Beverage Council commitments.

*Bottled water refers to all bottled water containing no kilojoules